Thursday, September 11, 2008

Did you ever stop and think...

That just maybe you could be wrong? Many individuals in Hollywood seem to have let their fame go to their heads in that they think they are more qualified to judge truth and expect their fans to swallow whatever garbage they spew. Most recently Matt Damon decided to display his view on Sarah Pailin. His fear was that she is not qualified to be in office. I really hate to be so redundant as to repeat the apparently obvious truth. There is a bias because the one opinion is if you approve of the candidates philosophy then they are a fresh change but if you don’t approve of their positions then they are suddenly unqualified because let’s face it folks. Obama is as unqualified if not more than our beloved pitbull Sarah Pailin.

So, Matt, please keep your opinions in check and keep that ironically liberal mind open. Realize that your life is probably less in-touch with reality than your fans who actually work for a living.

Again God is the source of absolute truth. Those who want man to be simply do not want to answer to a higher power or they don’t want to be told what to do. It really is sad… God is love and he wants what is best for us all. Submission is not bad. Try it.

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