Monday, December 22, 2014


If you are like me, you grew up in the US taking your freedom for granted.  We always heard others say thanks to all who served to protect our freedom without knowing what that really meant.  As I have matured and became more educated, I started to understand that statement much more and with it what we stand to lose.  Regardless of you political goal or ideology, there is a foundation of freedom that must be maintained and if truth was told we would all agree on that point.  It is those who don't that this article is about.

If you don't agree that we have the right as a country to seek the preeminence in the world as the "beacon" or bastion of freedom then you don't share the ideals of the framers and those who fought for this country.  There are those in our political leadership who don't think we have that right.  President Obama, has said we should share the wealth.  The only way that can happen is if we take less.  When a leader tells me to take less while he isn't satisfied with less but grabs more and more, that is a huge RED FLAG.  He is a hypocrite who his hiding his true intentions.  He doesn't care about us...Only him.

Something must be done and it must be radical to get things right.

1. Stop trade with other countries.
2. Close the boarders.
3. Increase manufacturing here.
4. Invest in technology.
5. Invest in the best military and defenses.
6. Support allies who share our goal.

Basically the opposite of what Obama is doing.

Make your voice heard!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nothing to fear...

It has become increasingly clear to me that we are a people who are afraid. Afraid of what you might ask. Afraid of what others think. You say, "I'm not afraid..." Oh no I say? We are afraid to say what we think because we don't want to be labeled. One such label is "Politically Correct". Actually somehow this movement has brainwashed us all to fear not fitting its definition. Why? What does it mean and who really cares? Would you rather be free? Most don't even realize that they are captive, but hold on, because once they breathe that relaxed breath of freedom they will want some more my brother. Katie bare the door.

If you don't want illegal immigrants in our country... Say it!!!
If you don't want a mosque near ground zero... Say it!!!
If you don't want gay marriage legalized... Say it!!!
If you don't want abortion legalized... Say it!!!

If you like driving SUV instead of compact hybrids... Do it!!!
If you like eating red meat... Do it!!!

Trust me it is possible to love tractor pulls and enjoy Longfellow. Stereotypes waste the lives of people who fear exploration of their limits.

Propaganda is a tool to control the weak minded.

Political Correctness Be Damned!!!

Friends, those who would have you silenced are the same ones who scream censorship when their opinions are infringed upon. I think this is a little hypocritical no a LOT hypocritical.

It is not wrong to want our country to be better than any other. Though they'd have you believe it is... They have their opinion (however misguided) you should have yours freely too.

Set yourselves free my brothers and sisters...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Intellectual Honesty

It has become increasingly obvious to me that one of the biggest problems with people today is that they are not intellectually honest. You may ask, "What do you mean?" Well telling people what you actually are thinking. Not having an aggenda. Not trying to discredit or distract someone whose aggenda does not agree with yours.

How do we fix it? First you must care about the truth yourself. You will find that we have even learned to become guarded about our motives and aggendas. So if you are thinking about something you want to do. Be honest about it and your reasons for wanting to do. Example: "I want and iPhone because people will think I'm cool because owning one is cool." Just because you keep it inside doesn't mean you are anyless shallow or superficial. This way you can encourage other people to be honest too.

Any intellecual discussion aimed at solving a problem must have the committment of both sides to be intellectually honest or you just have arguing of aggendas... If you can't get your fellow debater to commit don't waste your time in debating the core issue.

Most people spew talking points in politics and aren't worried about the preservation of our freedom but rather the success of their party or ideology... When inside they may agree they won't say it out loud.

Encourage your friends to seek and speak the truth.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's Call A Spade A Spade

With all the news lately about Obama, he continues to prove that he is not for American sovereignty. He told us what he was going to do during the campaign. We can't pretend we didn't know he would do it. I personally can't believe he is going to the extents that he is going.

When I was younger and in school, I heard terms like treason and treachery. I also used to hear my elders speak of those they knew who fought in wars and how they fought for freedom. These were just concepts that I could not comprehend at the time. It was always impressed upon me to be Patriotic. We said the Pledge of Allegiance everyday.

Fast forward to current day. Imagine the scene. Obama travels the world meeting with people who to say the least don't like us. These are no doubt people who are very patriotic about their own countries. He dismisses his own country to these people... Why? He does not like the United States. He is not Patriotic. These also are things that we had clear evidence of during the campaign. His wife made many remarks to elude to this thinking.

I want to take this a step farther. I think it a tremendous understatement to say that he is less than patriotic toward the United States. He is harming the country. He is destroying the very ideals that made us great. He is encouraging us and others to think of ourselves as "equals" to other countries. Why!!! Do they think of us as equals? NO!!! They think they are better.

So either Obama is stupid or malicious... Either way, he is dangerous.

Today I understand what it means to be a Patriot, if nothing more than by comparing myself to Obama. I love this country and would like to tell Hugo Chavez where he could shove his book. I understand what it means to fight for freedom because we are going to face a fight if we want to regain what this country stands to lose.

I would like to say that now I understand what Treason means. Let me give you the textbook definition:
1. the offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
2. a violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state.
3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

I would like to formally accuse President Obama of High Treason and request that my fellow-patriots join me in assessing the actions of this anti American. We must stop him and put our country back on the right path.

God Bless the USA

Friday, November 7, 2008

We the People...

The country was set up to have issues settled by a vote. Proposition eight was a great victory for God. God condemned homosexuality and anyone who denies it is basically determined to redefine God's will. As I often do here on this site I will attempt to expound on this issue and try to find the truth.

Here is a question... Is there such a thing as naturally gay? I mean someone born with a gene or screwed up chromosome that makes them gay... It is either yes or no. Let's put our personal desires aside and admit there is one of two alternatives. Yes or No.

If the answer is yes then it would be contradictory for God to make someone someway that would sin without control. You would have to eventually conclude that God is either cruel or doesn't exist. Being totally honest.

If the answer is no (and I think it is because there is no sexual orientation gene in the mapping of the human genome) he didn't make anyone this way then we must conclude that people arrive at this state of homosexuality much like a pedophile would arrive at his/her state via perversion over time. Through the course of time, prisoners who were very heterosexual have turned on their fellow inmates for pleasure. Do we call them bisexuals? No... We call them perverted. God calls them unnatural.

Spiritually speaking, we cannot go around catering to every whim of our own desires and justifying it by calling it an alternative lifestyle. I like women a lot but I am not going to join a polygamist cult... It doesn't make it right because famous people defend it. It doesn't make it right that more people are starting to accept it. It doesn't make it right by making it pseudo-chic... Hey Rosie, Ellen, get over yourself...

Now to my political rant. I would like for you gay-advocates to consider that your very perverted existance is in violation to our rights as God-fearing Christians. You will no doubt scoff. We have come to expect that from you. This proves the point before I even try to make it. You have no respect for us. You often make fun of our views yet all the while playing the down-trodden victim of descrimination. I find this ironic. I feel it is poetic justice in a way. I wish that you pompass hollywood types would move to Europe and stay. I wish that all the liberals who want to change our country would go with you. You cannot use the courts to overturn the will of the people. If you do then you undermine the very structure of our government and constitution.

If you don't like Propositon 8, there is always Massachusetts... I don't have anything against homosexuals persay other knowing they are just like any other sinful person. In need to repentance and submission to change to serve God. You can throw love out there as a tripping hazard, but eternal love is for the concern of the destination of the soul not the pleasure of this world.

God Bless

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Did you ever stop and think...

That just maybe you could be wrong? Many individuals in Hollywood seem to have let their fame go to their heads in that they think they are more qualified to judge truth and expect their fans to swallow whatever garbage they spew. Most recently Matt Damon decided to display his view on Sarah Pailin. His fear was that she is not qualified to be in office. I really hate to be so redundant as to repeat the apparently obvious truth. There is a bias because the one opinion is if you approve of the candidates philosophy then they are a fresh change but if you don’t approve of their positions then they are suddenly unqualified because let’s face it folks. Obama is as unqualified if not more than our beloved pitbull Sarah Pailin.

So, Matt, please keep your opinions in check and keep that ironically liberal mind open. Realize that your life is probably less in-touch with reality than your fans who actually work for a living.

Again God is the source of absolute truth. Those who want man to be simply do not want to answer to a higher power or they don’t want to be told what to do. It really is sad… God is love and he wants what is best for us all. Submission is not bad. Try it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Where You Shop

Have you ever noticed what happens in campaigns when a candidate gives a speech? Everyone gathers around the television, radio, or Internet to hear the candidate. Then either immediately following or over the next day or two people turn to their favorite “news” channel or radio talk show host to get their opinions of the speech or position. First question is why? Then the question is do you know what that is doing to us as a country? When you go to someone for an opinion you take your opinion and let them carve it up or destroy it. We are losing our own ability to think for ourselves. Politics is the next step in reality television. We let the “news” channels become our interpreters. This is very dangerous folks. These same “interpreters” or “news” channels know they have this role in your lives. They know they can skew your opinion to their whims. Then after they do it, they take polls to reinforce that their opinions are affecting you. This is manipulation of you and me and we let it happen.
How do we stop it from happening? First you must stop listening to talk show hosts and political contributors in the news. Until they return to true journalistic roots where their opinions are left out of the report, boycott them! Listen to the candidates and decide for yourself! Watch old fashioned entertainment television when the speeches are over instead of staying tuned for the opinions…
Another downside to the “interpreters” is that the candidates are so busy defending themselves against the mass media’s opinions that the candidates have less time to explain to you why they are the candidate of choice to represent you.
This country was founded with the fundamentals that the people are the ones who choose. We must be correctly educated with facts, not opinions!!! If we seek the truth and seek to put freedom and country first, we will be seeking the same things. WE MUST NEVER PUT OURSELVES FIRST!