Monday, December 22, 2014


If you are like me, you grew up in the US taking your freedom for granted.  We always heard others say thanks to all who served to protect our freedom without knowing what that really meant.  As I have matured and became more educated, I started to understand that statement much more and with it what we stand to lose.  Regardless of you political goal or ideology, there is a foundation of freedom that must be maintained and if truth was told we would all agree on that point.  It is those who don't that this article is about.

If you don't agree that we have the right as a country to seek the preeminence in the world as the "beacon" or bastion of freedom then you don't share the ideals of the framers and those who fought for this country.  There are those in our political leadership who don't think we have that right.  President Obama, has said we should share the wealth.  The only way that can happen is if we take less.  When a leader tells me to take less while he isn't satisfied with less but grabs more and more, that is a huge RED FLAG.  He is a hypocrite who his hiding his true intentions.  He doesn't care about us...Only him.

Something must be done and it must be radical to get things right.

1. Stop trade with other countries.
2. Close the boarders.
3. Increase manufacturing here.
4. Invest in technology.
5. Invest in the best military and defenses.
6. Support allies who share our goal.

Basically the opposite of what Obama is doing.

Make your voice heard!!!