Friday, November 7, 2008

We the People...

The country was set up to have issues settled by a vote. Proposition eight was a great victory for God. God condemned homosexuality and anyone who denies it is basically determined to redefine God's will. As I often do here on this site I will attempt to expound on this issue and try to find the truth.

Here is a question... Is there such a thing as naturally gay? I mean someone born with a gene or screwed up chromosome that makes them gay... It is either yes or no. Let's put our personal desires aside and admit there is one of two alternatives. Yes or No.

If the answer is yes then it would be contradictory for God to make someone someway that would sin without control. You would have to eventually conclude that God is either cruel or doesn't exist. Being totally honest.

If the answer is no (and I think it is because there is no sexual orientation gene in the mapping of the human genome) he didn't make anyone this way then we must conclude that people arrive at this state of homosexuality much like a pedophile would arrive at his/her state via perversion over time. Through the course of time, prisoners who were very heterosexual have turned on their fellow inmates for pleasure. Do we call them bisexuals? No... We call them perverted. God calls them unnatural.

Spiritually speaking, we cannot go around catering to every whim of our own desires and justifying it by calling it an alternative lifestyle. I like women a lot but I am not going to join a polygamist cult... It doesn't make it right because famous people defend it. It doesn't make it right that more people are starting to accept it. It doesn't make it right by making it pseudo-chic... Hey Rosie, Ellen, get over yourself...

Now to my political rant. I would like for you gay-advocates to consider that your very perverted existance is in violation to our rights as God-fearing Christians. You will no doubt scoff. We have come to expect that from you. This proves the point before I even try to make it. You have no respect for us. You often make fun of our views yet all the while playing the down-trodden victim of descrimination. I find this ironic. I feel it is poetic justice in a way. I wish that you pompass hollywood types would move to Europe and stay. I wish that all the liberals who want to change our country would go with you. You cannot use the courts to overturn the will of the people. If you do then you undermine the very structure of our government and constitution.

If you don't like Propositon 8, there is always Massachusetts... I don't have anything against homosexuals persay other knowing they are just like any other sinful person. In need to repentance and submission to change to serve God. You can throw love out there as a tripping hazard, but eternal love is for the concern of the destination of the soul not the pleasure of this world.

God Bless