Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nothing to fear...

It has become increasingly clear to me that we are a people who are afraid. Afraid of what you might ask. Afraid of what others think. You say, "I'm not afraid..." Oh no I say? We are afraid to say what we think because we don't want to be labeled. One such label is "Politically Correct". Actually somehow this movement has brainwashed us all to fear not fitting its definition. Why? What does it mean and who really cares? Would you rather be free? Most don't even realize that they are captive, but hold on, because once they breathe that relaxed breath of freedom they will want some more my brother. Katie bare the door.

If you don't want illegal immigrants in our country... Say it!!!
If you don't want a mosque near ground zero... Say it!!!
If you don't want gay marriage legalized... Say it!!!
If you don't want abortion legalized... Say it!!!

If you like driving SUV instead of compact hybrids... Do it!!!
If you like eating red meat... Do it!!!

Trust me it is possible to love tractor pulls and enjoy Longfellow. Stereotypes waste the lives of people who fear exploration of their limits.

Propaganda is a tool to control the weak minded.

Political Correctness Be Damned!!!

Friends, those who would have you silenced are the same ones who scream censorship when their opinions are infringed upon. I think this is a little hypocritical no a LOT hypocritical.

It is not wrong to want our country to be better than any other. Though they'd have you believe it is... They have their opinion (however misguided) you should have yours freely too.

Set yourselves free my brothers and sisters...